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OptiCA™ - Welcome to the Dawn of Modern Bird Control in Canada

OptiCA is a multi-sensory bird repellent that deters birds using sight and touch.


SIGHT - Dishes appear to be extremely detrimental to their safety (akin to fire or smoke) and avoid immediately.

TOUCH - They avoid sticky material (in the unlikely event they touch it)

EASY TO INSTALL: Simply remove covers from dishes and glue, magnetically stick or zip-tie to the affected area.


  • Where to Use: Ledges, signs, balconies, soffits, beams, skylights, signs, roofs, HVAC equipment, enclosed spaces, etc.

  • Target Bird: All species

  • Bird Pressure: All pressure levels

  • Material: Aga & Beeswax

  • Installation: Dishes are glued to the surface, magnetically affixed to metal or zip-tied to a tubular or unusually-shaped base

  • Installation Level: Easy

  • Very Discreet: Dishes are only 2-1/2 in. diameter and 1/4 in. tall

  • How it Works: Deters birds by using sight and touch. Birds see fire or smoke, although there isn't any. The gel is sticky if they do touch it.

  • Safe for the environment: made of all-green ingredients.

  • Longevity: Dishes are effective for 2 - 4 years

  • Deny pigeons, woodpeckers, mud swallows, gulls, and many other unwanted birds, the ability to roost, loaf and nest

  • Remember, birds are often persistent and clever. One needs to consider why the birds are in the places that they are. Nesting, for example, requires a slightly tighter pattern in the corners, etc.

  • Supplied in ready-to-use plastic dish containers and are made to be invisible from below. Except for mud swallows and woodpeckers, they are NOT to be mounted on any vertical surface. It's all about where birds stand, not what they stand next to

  • Affix to any perching surface (round, angled, etc.) with silicone glue or other suitable and removable adhesive or choose one of our two mounting systems; magnetic or zip-tied for round and unusually shaped surfaces


OptiCA™- Spacing Guidelines

Nesting Sites / Heavy Pressure


Night Roosting Sites / Medium Pressure


Day Roosting Sites / Light Pressure


OptiCA™- Spacing & Preparation Docs

Click image for full document

General Placement

Pigeons, Sparrows, Starlings, Corvids & Comorants

Woodpecker Placement

Gull Placement

Mud Swallow Placement


Optical Gel / Optica

Optical Gel / Optica

Optical Gel / Optica
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Optical Gel - A Detailed Video about Modern Bird Control

Optical Gel - A Detailed Video about Modern Bird Control

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Optical Gel by Bird Barrier

Optical Gel by Bird Barrier

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Bird Barrier Optical Gel In Action

Bird Barrier Optical Gel In Action

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