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Completely protects the ledge against all bird species; they simply can't get a grip and slide right off the ledge. When color matched to the structure, BirdSlide looks like it's part of the architecture

  • Where to Use: Edges, eaves, angle irons, I-Beams and most “L” shaped ledges where total exclusion is the goal

  • Target Bird: All species, including Swallows

  • Bird Pressure: All pressure levels

  • Material: UV-stabilized Polycarbonate

  • Installation: Base is glued to any surface

  • Installation Level: Easy to moderate

  • How it Works: Birds can't get a grip and slide right off the ledge

  • Customizable: Can be ordered in lengths up to ten feet (extra freight charges apply) and can be painted to match any surface

  • For narrow ledges the “fin” can be trimmed down; for wider ledges an extension can be added. BirdSlide can be screwed to wood - see catalog for more complete details




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An Installation Guide To - BirdSlide

An Installation Guide To - BirdSlide

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