Narrow (2.5")

Wide (5.0")



Dura-Spike Bird Spikes are 100% stainless steel and are available in three-foot lengths for fast application. The base can be cut easily with snips or shears. It curves gently or takes hard bends to conform to the building's features. Widths: Narrow, Wide, Xtra-Wide, comes in 3-foot strips

  • Where to Use: Ledges, parapets caps, roof peaks, chimneys

  • Target Bird: Pigeon and larger

  • Bird Pressure: Medium (Do not use where birds are nesting)

  • Material: Stainless Steel - 304 grade wires & base welded together

  • Installation: Base is glued or screwed to any surface

  • Installation Level: Easy

Xtra-Wide (8.0")

Dura-Spike™ Packaging

Dura-Spike pieces are 3 feet long

Compact stacks for shipping

Dura-SpikeSpacing Recommendations


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