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StealthNet® bird netting is available in

Black, Stone and Transluscent Colors

Bird Net Mesh Sizes: 3/4, 1-1/8 & 2 in.


Net Installation requires a variety of additional hardware - See Catalog below


StealthNet® Bird Netting

The world’s best commercial bird netting product StealthNet® protects property by keeping out pest birds. Strong and durable, StealthNet® is bird netting for buildings, balconies, garages, barns, hangars, or other structures. Our anti bird netting is a nearly invisible and humane solution. Choose the right size mesh bird net for the problem species: 4” mesh bird netting keeps out gulls; 2” mesh pigeon netting keeps out pigeons; 1-1/8” mesh net excludes starlings, grackles, blackbirds, and similarly sized birds; 3/4” bird netting keeps out small birds, such as sparrows and swallows.


Bird Control Netting Keeps Pigeons and Pest Birds Away from Buildings and Structures

  • Where to Use: Use bird control netting in any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening, or configuration where pest birds are to be excluded, including commercial buildings, open beam structures, loading docks, façades, courtyards, bridges, balconies, storefront signs, etc.

  • Target Bird: StealthNet® bird netting is effective on all species of birds

  • Bird Pressure: Heavy

  • Material: Polyethylene twine and stainless steel installation hardware

  • Installation: Bird Netting attaches to a pre-installed cable system

  • Installation Level: Involved (Watch bird netting installation videos below)

  • Mesh netting material is highly durable and resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays

  • Available in a variety of shades, so you can match bird netting color for invisibility

  • Netting comes in six standard sizes with custom sizes available

  • Our bird mesh netting is nearly invisible in most situations

  • Flame-Resistant bird netting is available

  • StealthNet® bird netting will not rot or absorb water


StealthNet - Videos

StealthNet - Videos

StealthNet - Videos
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Bird Barrier StealthNet Introduction

Bird Barrier StealthNet Introduction

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An Installation Guide To - Bird Barrier's StealthNet

An Installation Guide To - Bird Barrier's StealthNet

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Bird Barrier: Bird Net Patch Repair

Bird Barrier: Bird Net Patch Repair

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