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MaxForce Impact Roach Gel

MaxForce Impact Roach Gel



Active Ingredient:

Clothianidin - 1.0%

Available in 4 x 30g Reservoirs / Box or Case of 5 Boxes (4 x 30g Reservoir each)

New Maxforce® ImpactTM is effective in controlling both traditional and bait-averse strains of German cockroaches. It contains a novel active ingredient for baits, clothianidin, which quickly controls roaches while actively preventing resistance. Maxforce® ImpactTM offers pest management professionals a solution uniquely fit to combat bait aversion and resistance while maintaining high efficacy and flexibility. Maxforce® ImpactTM is a white gel bait featuring Bayer's BlueBead technology. This bait matrix is particularly palatable to roaches and carries a proprietary feeding stimulant that prolongs the consumption of the gel. Maxforce Impact is an easy to apply formulation that provides thermal stability under a wide range of environmental conditions.

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