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Ocean Blue Distributors is Atlantic Canada's one-stop-shop for all your Insect and Rodent Trap needs!! From decorative fly light solutions to mechanical traps / glue products - We have your covered!!  We proudly carry the following brands:








Don't see what you're looking for below?  Ocean Blue Distributors has access to the entire product lines of the brands above, plus many specialty products and solutions.  Click the Logos above to access the vendor sites.  If you would like to call us at (902) 210-1519 or email us at to let us know what we can help you source!



Multi-Catch Rodent Traps

  • Multi-Catch Traps for rodents (mice)

  • Product offerings from JT Eaton, Victor & Kyzone Available !!

  • Available in various materials:

    • Highly durable, high quality polypropylene or

    • Metal (Powder coated white or black and bare metal)

  • Various designs available to suit any deployment needs

  • Speedy Clean - options as well !

  • Available with clear / transparent lid for easy visual of trap

  • Can be deployed with various glue board / tray options as well

Rodent / Insect Glue Boards & Traps

  • Various Glue Board /Traps / Trays for rodents (rats & mice) as well as insect monitors, fly traps and fly lights!

  • Product offerings from Catchmaster, JT Eaton, Victor & Kyzone !!

  • Non-Toxic, Disposable & Ready-To use

  • Stand-alone glue board / trap / tray configurations as well as refills for multi-catch traps or insect monitor traps

  • Specialized solutions for unique/extreme or large scale deployments (Freezers, warehouses, etc.)

Mechanical / Snap Traps

  • Mechanical traps designed for rodents (rats & mice) & chipmunks

  • Product offerings from CatchMaster, JT Eaton, Victor, Bell Labs & Kyzone !!

  • Various design & deployment methods to suit any requirement!

  • Uses for both commercial & domestic/residential applications

  • Easy-to-use and redeploy for continuous monitoring

  • Bait or Attractant cups provide added effectiveness when deployed

  • Can also be deployed in many of our Bait Stations for discreet  placements

Fly Control & Insect Monitors

  • Various solutions for flying and crawling insect applications - including fruit flies!!

  • Product offerings from Synergetic, Kyzone & CatchMaster !!

  • Products include:

    • Beautifully designed Fly light attractant systems with glue board for restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, etc...

    • Durable Polypropylene monitor cases with glue boards

    • Various Fly attractant traps products for indoor & Outdoor use

  • Replacement bulbs & glue boards available as well!