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JT Eaton - Duster

JT Eaton - Duster


JT Eaton

Active Ingredient:

Must-Have for any pest control toolbox

The JT Eaton Insecticidal Green Duster is a great tool to use in eliminating pests and bugs in wall voids, light switch and other hard to reach areas. This product can perfectly hold 1.2 oz of diatomaceous and 5 oz of boric acid. It features an O-ring which helps reduce powder leakage. It also has an internal spring for easy application and avoiding any leakage from the duster. It also comes with an end cap that fits over the adjustment screw for added protection. The end cap slides on the delivery spout and it will help avoid leakage during transport. It comes with a cleaning rod for convenience. This duster has a green powdercoat finish for easy identification. JT Eaton Insecticide Green Duster can be used upright, inverted, or sideways so it will allow you to have control during application.

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