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Glue Boards and Reflectobakt Sleeves

Glue Boards and Reflectobakt Sleeves



Active Ingredient:

PestWest boards are double-sealed, front and back, to protect against moisture absorption, in steamy or high moisture environments such as kitchens etc. This avoids the problem of the board warping with time. As a special glue is used on the PestWest boards, the glue stays on the board and not on your hands or clothes, if accidentally touched. Other cheaper, inferior boards often have wet glues that can be very messy to handle. While wet glues appear very sticky to the touch, many of them form a very thin hard skin on the glue surface when in contact with air or UV light. This can prevent small insects from being trapped. And that’s just the glue. We at PestWest have done extensive research to develop the high quality boards as they are today. Warping, moisture absorption/retardant, card matrix type, mold resistance, UV resistant glue type and the Universal boards that fit a wide variety of insect light trapping systems on the market today. All of which have been thought through and field tested with the average life of 60+ days in all Mantis brands, which is the reason these are packaged in 6-packs, not 12. This means lower investments on your part in both inventory and labor costs.

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