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Flexi-Pro Aerosol Delivery System (FADS

Flexi-Pro Aerosol Delivery System (FADS


AiroFog USA

Active Ingredient:

The ONLY Aerosol Delivery System you need to carry!

FADS comes with a unique “wand-like” trigger component which allows for greater reach and versatility. In addition, the trigger comes complete with a 6 in long spiral flexible wand that covers all possible angles of application. If this is not enough, you have further option of 3 different nozzle size fine, medium or coarse spray. Ergonomic design also provides operator comfort during application. A 25cm/10” pouch comes as a standard accessory; this ensures brand of Aerosol remains discreet while professionalism shines through. Airofog USA allows you to customize and tailor each unit to one of 3 configurations to your specific needs: Basic, Standard and Pro. Each with its own unique feature.

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