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Exacticide - Battery Powered - Handheld Duster Kit

Exacticide - Battery Powered - Handheld Duster Kit



Active Ingredient:

The most innovative dust and fine bait applicator available

It is versatile and allows you to do all your jobs from start to finish with this one piece of equipment. The Exacticide duster applies both fine granule baits and dusts with ease and extreme precision, making application more effective than ever before. The Exacticide PFC comes with a multi-speed dial for flow control and precise product application. Once youve loaded the Exacticide with one of the quick-change canisters and the treatment material of choice, youll be able to terminate just about any pest infestation. This proven applicator system is ideal for interior and exterior applications. Cracks, crevices and other hard to reach areas are now simple targets with the plastic applicator wand. No need for a ladder, additional wands are available to extend the reach of the Exacticide. Exacticide eliminates the over application of materials, applying the exact amount of dust or fine baits to eliminate pests, excess costs and mess. Using the Exacticide, your technicians will be able to service more accounts than ever before. Youll be able to add more customers without adding employees, allowing you to keep your overhead down while increasing production. Its durable construction ensures daily use for many years to come.

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