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Ocean Blue Distributors is Atlantic Canada's one-stop-shop for all your Pest Control material needs!!  From professional grade & commercial materials to children's mosquito repellents - we carry it all!!  We proudly carry the following brands:











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Kills and repels Stable flies, horse flies, mosquitos, biting Midges, wasps, flying moths, cockroaches, spiders, crickets, ants, carpet beetles, centipedes, silverfish, fleas, brown dog ticks, american ticks

Farm & Livestock Insect Eliminator

Extra Strength

30 day control @ 7.5 minutes. For the control of flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and small flying moths

Metered - 4 Zero Nine D Pressurized Insecticide Spray

Universal can size - Fits most Dispensers

For use as a spot or crack & crevice treatment

Preminum - Ant & Ant Nest Killer

Bag on Valve (BOV) Eco Can - Uses Air! No CFCs!!

For use as a spot or crack and crevice treatment. Pressurized contact and residual insecticide spray.

Spider Killer

Maximum Strength

For the control of insects such as Ants, aphids, caterpillars, cockroaches, colorado potato beetles, crickets, fruit flies, greenhouse thrips, gypsy moths, hornets, mosquitos, silverfish, thrips, wasps, whiteflies, yellow jackets

Commercial Grade Knockdown Concentrate - Ornamentals

Stored Porducts & Livestock Areas

Kills Ants, indian meal moth, carpet beetles, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, house flies, stable flies, horse flies, black flies, mosquitoes, gnats

Residual Surface Insecticide Spray

Biggest Selling Insecticde !

Pressurized contact and killing spray

Sleep Tight Bed Bug Spray - Residual Barrier & Premises Protector

Continuous Killing Action for 60 Days!

Water based, indoor/outdoor use, fast acting with d-limonene & lemongrass scent

Premium - Spider Killer Knockdown

Sprays up to 18 Feet !!

For use in Food Housing establishments, vehicles, Commercial or Institutional kitchens, Supermarkets, Bottling plants, Hospitals, Hotels / Motels, Nursing homes, Daycare Centers, Buses, Trains, Ships

Professional Quality Insecticide - 1% Pyrethrin Spray

Pyrethrins 1.00%, Piperonyl Butoxide 2.00%

The foam expands - Penetrating tight areas such as cracks & crevices, leaving an effective residue that kills ants on contact. Pressurized contact and residual insecticide. Outdoor use only.

Foaming Residual Outdoor Ant Eliminator

Kills ants where the hide

Contact Spray only! You must spray the bug to kill the bug! No residual activity. The is ideal for use on mattresses and other fabrics where bed bugs are present.

Sleep TIght Bed Bug Spray

Kills Bed Bugs !

Controls Stable flies, face flies, house flies, horn flies, horse flies, gnats

Insecticide Foam for Horses