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SenSci - Volcano - Bed Bug Trap

SenSci - Volcano - Bed Bug Trap


Bedbug Central

Active Ingredient:

Available in 12 Packs

ed bugs can often live undetected in various environments for a long period of time before they are noticed. At that point, it can sometimes become a costly problem for homeowners when it comes to bed bug treatment. If you’re looking for a proactive approach to bed bug monitoring in your home, SenSci has the products you need for a complete home monitoring system. The SenSci™ Volcano® is a versatile, easy-to-use tool for detecting bed bugs before an infestation gets out of hand. Volcano features an innovative design where bed bugs can get in easily, but they can’t get out. Highly effective and easy to use, the Volcanos can be discretely placed in dust-prone locations and do not require the heavy lifting of furniture unlike other traditional bed bug interceptors. Only three inches wide, a clear bottom allows for easy inspecting. For even greater detection effectiveness, it can be used along with the Activ Bed Bug Lure. Volcanos paired with the SenSci Activ® bed bug lures attract up to twice as many bed bugs.

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